Written and Expressed

Breaking Promises


One of the very first songs we ever wrote. Everything in this song is true and we wrote it after Sydneys first boyfriend promised her a lot of things and then three days later changed his mind. This song is one of our favorites because it is just a fun song to sing along to and clap your hands. The lyrics are trying to explain how sometimes people make promises they should'n't make and sometmies when you are in a relationship things go wrong and expecially when you are young things shouldn't be so serious. Relationships are supposed to be an extra thing in your life that makes you happy, not something negative especially when you are young. So we hope everybody loves this song just as much as we do and even if you can't relate directly to it, hopefully you can just jam out to it. 
This song is one of our favorites. This song was written when we were grounded and feeling down. Everybody has those times were you can't find a way out of a situation or where you can't find a way to see the good things in life. "Cause we're gonna make mistakes we're gonna fall and bruise and ache, no matter how long it will take we'll find our way". These lyrics are so important to us because there have been many times where we have found ourselves in bad situations but we know that we have to fight to get back up. "Sometimes Ifind myself asking why me, on days like that I find it so hard to see who I really am deep inside, not wanting to run not wanting to hide, yet some people make it so hard for me to see". This quote is the beginning of this song ad the truth that lies within normal sixteen and seventeen year old girls. 


Lone Survivor


The name of our album and the very song that drives what we believe in. We wrote this song on our mission trip to Nicaragua. The theme of our trip is a bible verse that says "did not our hearts burn within us" thats where did not our hearts burn in our souls come from. This song is about how different places in the world are differnent but us, people, are the same. We have been going to Nicaragua for years with our church and school and everytime we go, there is always that feeling that we call heartburn. Not a form of indigestion but the feeling of so much love and greatness that we have only felt just a small part of it. We are so blessed to be able to have the oppurtunity to go to Nicaragua and we are so blessed to see how much faith these people have even though they live in one of the poorest countries in Central America. We do not go there to see the terrible things that they don't have, but we go there to help them build up the amazing things they do have, there faith. So this song is talking about how bad things happen in the world but everybody goes through it, together. "See what you want to see and be who you want to be, it doesn't hurt to go where you've never been before, did not our hearts burn in our souls." Hope you love this song.
Lone Survivor was written after watching the movie Lone Survivor. This movie is based on a true story about four Navy Seals who get stuck in a bad situation in Afghanistan. We wrote this song because we were so inspired by this amazing but terrible story. Mainly written by Kassie. We quoted the real 

Your Smile

Humor Me

For That

For That is a song that was inspired by one of our favorite TV shows at the time, Gossip Girl. We got really obsessed with this show (especially Kassie), so we wrote this song based on two main characters and their relationship. Chuck and Blaire. This song blatenly shows how much of teenagers we are. This song has a very latino sound to it and it is so fun. It is also one of our stronger songs vocally and lyrically. It is a fun song with heavy instruments and good beats. We love preforming this song because we believe the lyrics as if we were the characters in gossip girl. We know that not everybody can realate to this song, especially becuase it's based off of Gossip Girl but we know that relationships in real life can be expressed like the lyrics in this song. 
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"Writing music is almost the only way I feel comfortable in being brutely honest with myself and not trying to be something I am not. Just sitting down on my couch and writing about what I am thinking almost keeps me sane, hahaha."